Seafood Show

Seafood Show Preview- What Not To Miss

 promises something for everyone.  The conference program features almost 20 presentations, some of which will be of particular interest to seafood marketers.  Many of us attend the show to check out new products and trends, and judging from what’s being featured in the New Products Showcase, this year’s show will not disappoint.

Of course, on everyone’s minds will be the devastation in Japan that has followed the massive March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The disaster has damaged many Japanese fishing ports, and it’s not yet clear (as of this writing) what the full effect will be on Japan’s seafood industry. is a good resource for up-to-date information on this situation.  For more details about the Seafood Show conference program and new products that will be featured at the show, read on.

Conference Program

The topic of sustainability is clearly of interest to the seafood community, judging by the fact that a full 20% of the Seafood Show’s conference sessions (4 presentations) are related to sustainability.  Most of them focus on aquaculture and business practices, but you’ll also find one on “Selling Diners on Sustainability.”  It will be interesting to see how the sustainability theme crops up in products featured at the show.  Some of the other more consumer-focused sessions are “Consumer Trends in Seafood Purchases” and “Supermarkets 2011: Looking Ahead at Seafood-Retail Performance & Consumer Trends.”  Lastly, I encourage you to come to my presentation on “10 Key Ingredients to Launching a Successful Retail Product,” which takes place on Monday, March 21st at 3:30 pm in Room 151B at the Boston Convention Center.  See more details about this presentation here. For more information and to register for the show, go to the Seafood Show website,

New Products and Trends

The New Products Showcase at the Seafood Show will feature a variety of tantalizing new offerings like Morey’s Fish Creations, and Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Pizza,  both of which are finalists for the 2011 Seafood Excellence New  Products Competition.  A number of products feature marinades, including Vita Food’s Perfect Catchline, which has a packaging innovation that keeps the fish fillets separately from the marinade until the consumer is ready to prepare them for cooking.  Scoma’s Restaurant Retail Foods (of San Francisco) is launching a new line of crab cakes, another product that’s a finalist.  Sea Star Seafoods will be showing its top-selling Steam Series Line.  I would definitely give the prize for the most unusual product to the Seafood Doctor Swai Burger, which promises a “delicious departure from the usual bland, low-calorie, heart-healthy fare.”   Hmmm, I for one, will be interested to see just what this product does taste like…

New England Food Show

This show takes place at the same time and venue as the Seafood Show.  Anyone registered for the Seafood Show gets entrance to the Food Show, but not vice versa (you need to register separately for the Seafood Show).  The products and services showcased here are primarily targeted at restaurants and the foodservice market, but you will also find some local food manufacturers like Kettle Cuisine and ORC Foods (Falafel Republic) who have consumer-focused products as well.

Top 3 Must-Sees at the Boston Seafood Show

  1. “10 Key Ingredients to Launching a Successful Retail Product” – the session is part of the conference program, Monday, March 21 at 3:30 pm.
  2. The New Products showcase.  Click here for a preview of the products.
  3. Sustainable seafood – what’s featured on the trade show floor that reflects this trend or movement?

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