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The Fancy Food Show took place this year in Washington D.C., instead of its normal location at the Javits Center in New York City, which is under renovation.  Surprisingly, the July timing (very hot and humid in D.C.) and change of venue did not seem to have a major impact on attendance. The show was packed on the two days that I attended and most companies I spoke to reported having quality visitors in their booths.   I observed some common trends and innovative new products which I will describe in more detail here.  Click here for the Summer Fancy Food Show

“10 Key Ingredients for Launching a Successful Retail Product” I gave a presentation at the Seafood Show on March 21 for anyone who is, has, or will be considering launching a retail product or is struggling with go to market strategy or execution.   A detailed description, as it appeared in the conference program, is shown below.  Download a copy of the presentation 10 Key Ingredients to Launching A Successful Retail Product. When:    Monday, December 21, 3:30-5 pm Description: Seafood processors (or any food manufacturer) who focus on a wholesale, food service-oriented business often want to develop new products to sell in

This year’s International Boston Seafood Show, which opens this Sunday in Boston, (along with the adjacent New England Food Show)  promises something for everyone.  The conference program features almost 20 presentations, some of which will be of particular interest to seafood marketers.  Many of us attend the show to check out new products and trends, and judging from what’s being featured in the New Products Showcase, this year’s show will not disappoint. Of course, on everyone’s minds will be the devastation in Japan that has followed the massive March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The disaster has damaged many Japanese fishing ports, and

Once again the Winter Fancy Food Show did not disappoint those seeking exciting new products, flavors, and product concepts. To give you a flavor of the show’s highlights, I have bundled my thoughts into 6 categories: 1) Products with whole grains or healthy ingredients, 2) Healthy products for kids, 3) Hummus in great variety, 4) Products made with or to be consumed with wine, 5) Gluten-free products and 6) A sampling of unusual items. Whole Grains/Healthy Ingredients I was looking for new products featuring healthy whole grains and ingredients and saw many such items. TruRoots and Urbane Grain showed easy-to-use,