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Many brands are using social media channels, including Twitter, to connect with their customers. I recently read a very informative blog post by Chris Brogan about how grocery brands are “tweeting” on Twitter – mainly poorly, but some well. These days, many brand managers recognize that they must pay attention to Twitter and Facebook. The days of relying solely on advertising and couponing to drive brand share are long gone. However, it seems that many companies still don’t really “get” how to use social media well. Here’s a quick look at the do’s and don’ts of effective tweeting. Don’t have

I am in Baltimore this week for the Organic Summit and Natural Products Expo East. It’s an exciting time for the industry.  According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic industry grew nearly 8% in 2010 at a time when “flat is new growth” is the current trend for many other segments of the economy.   Given the state of the economy, this is particularly notable. It is clear that ever more consumers are choosing to buy organic and natural products, and retailers are beefing up their product selections to meet the demand. Where will the industry go from here?  Based on current trends

I recently attended the “Maine Food For Thought” Forum, sponsored by the Maine Food Producers Alliance, and gleaned a number of very helpful tidbits that will be useful for food marketers.   One of the most interesting segments of the Forum was a panel discussion where a variety of company founders shared key lessons they have learned over the years. The companies represented on the panel were Stonewall Kitchen (Natalie and Jonathan King), Stonyfield Farm Café (Mac McCabe), Winterport Winery (Joan and Mike Anderson), Grindstone Neck of Maine (Carl and Mason Johnson), and  Raye’s Mustard  (Karen Raye).   These are all well-established businesses, involved in a variety of food products

A recent article about “the great food trends mystery” recently caught my attention. Just how do food trends start? Why is bacon such a big deal in food these days and what, I mean really, what is the big deal about cupcakes? Other recent “hot” food trends are sliders, bubble tea, and food trucks. What is the source of these trends? Not so long ago, before the web played such a big role and the explosion of food-related cable TV shows on media outlets like the Food Network, the genesis of trends was fairly straightforward. There were authorities like Gourmet

The USDA’s recent release of its 2010 Dietary Guidelines (USDA Web Site – Dietary Guidelines) has generated a storm of media coverage and responses from every point of view.  What are food marketers to make of these new guidelines? What level of awareness is there among consumers and what opportunities does it present for food companies? This month, I’ll share the highlights and offer some perspective on what this means for marketers. What’s New? What makes these guidelines different from past iterations (they are released every five years) is the context in which they’ve been released, namely, the alarming growth in