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Seeing tuna in a whole new way. Premium StarKist™ tuna pouches launch in Canada

Charlie, the world’s most famous spokesfish, is coming to Canada, and he’ll be bringing his trademark StarKistTM Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light tuna in water with him.


By Jane Auster

Photography by Brandon Gray


StarKistTM tuna, in ultra-convenient pouch form, will be available to operators in time for the busy summer patio season.

“Heinz in the U.S. has been a distributor for StarKistTM for the foodservice industry for many, many years,” says Heinz Canada corporate chef Juriaan Snellen. “It made sense for us to extend that into Canada. A majority of foodservice operators use tuna in a can. In today’s world, where it is all about convenience and consistency, it only makes sense that StarKistTM is coming into Canada to feature the product in a pouch.”

StarKistTM in a pouch offers a number of advantages for operators:

  • 100 per cent yield. Operators can use the entire product without needing to drain it, so there is zero waste. High yield = high profits.
  • Easy, quick-opening, time-saving. There is no need for a can opener; just tear open the pouch and place the tuna in a bowl, and it’s ready to use. No can opener means less muss, less fuss, less mess.
  • Consistency. The pouch features the same premium product time after time, allowing operators to plan their menus without worrying about recipe consistency.
  • Efficient use of storage space. The pouches take up very little room in a kitchen where storage space can be limited. In fact, they take up 20 to 30 per cent less space than tuna cans.

“It is a hand-packed, high-quality pouch that locks in premium tuna flavour in the same way a can would operate, so there is very little liquid and very consistent performance,” says Chef Juriaan.

“As a chef you want products you can depend on time after time for consistent performing recipes. The moment you work with a product that delivers the same amount of solids and freshness, you don’t have to adjust your recipes going forward. If you mix this tuna with mayonnaise, for instance, you use the same ratio each time. There is no need to adjust your recipes, and especially if you are working in a busy environment, you can deliver a consistent product that hits the same yield and flavour levels time after time.”

One of the most important benefits of Premium StarKistTM tuna is its healthy attributes. As more and more diners look for healthier options, today’s operators are increasing their better-for-you menu items.

“Tuna packed in water is a lean protein,” says StarKistTM Registered Dietitian Laura Ali from the company’s Pittsburgh office. “Our pouches have 23 g of protein per 100 g, they are low in fat, and with 60 calories per 2 oz serving, they are the perfect option to replace beef, chicken or pork in your recipes for diners trying to reduce their calories. Like other types of seafood, tuna has natural Omega 3 fatty acids and is a natural source of Vitamin D.”

Tuna is also a very versatile ingredient for operators who want to expand their menus. In addition to traditional sandwiches, casseroles, salads, melts and patties, tuna is the perfect seafood canvas on which to “paint” today’s global influences.

Chef Juriaan, for instance, has been experimenting with Caribbean ingredients – taking mango and avocado, adding spices and chipotle.

“We live in a world that is all about flavour and experiences. Why not a sweet and spicy Thai sauce, or a chipotle tuna wrap? The possibilities are endless. There are so many ways to work with this product to incorporate today’s ethnic inspired spices,” he says.

Operators will be able to visit and for recipe inspiration.

“For a chef, this is a great tuna product,” proclaims Chef Juriaan. No doubt Charlie would agree.