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Offering a balance of unique and familiar flavours key to ethnic menu success

ethnic infographic

Across Canada, ethnic fare consumption is trending up, specifically among younger consumers.

By Technomic Inc.

According to the 2015 Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report, the latest study from foodservice research company Technomic, ethnic fare is a source of exploration and nostalgia for younger diners. However, Technomic’s research reveals that despite significant interest in ethnic flavours and cuisines, unfamiliarity with ethnic ingredients can deter some consumers from trying new dishes. As operators innovate and begin to incorporate more authentic—and in turn likely less recognizable—ingredients on their menus, they must balance new, unique options with traditional and familiar ones.

“Operators must decide what fits with their concept when towing this line of traditional and authentic, and convey a clear message that tells the story of their ethnic offerings,” explains Kelly Weikel, director of consumer insights. “Describing unique ingredients or dishes, educating staff and utilizing bilingual menus can encourage purchases and pique consumer interest in new or unfamiliar ingredients and flavours.”