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Watch & Learn: John van der Lieck of Oyama Sausage is the charcuterie king of Vancouver

John van der Lieck of Vancovuer’s Oyama Sausage is a fifth generation charcuterie craftsman. His heritage is German and Dutch, but his passion for gastronomy reaches internationally.


The charcuterie craftsman partners with local farmers and suppliers for the best quality products.

As he says, he is constantly experimenting with the fusion between traditional charcuterie and international cuisine in an effort to delight and surprise the palate and to develop Vancouver’s own unique gastronomic culture.

At Granville Island, where his products are sold, customers are eager to taste John van der Lieck’s latest creations as well as familiar favourites.

“If there is one thing I hope to achieve at Oyama, it is to instill the same enthusiasm for the wonders of the culinary universe that I feel every day,” he says.

In this video from our sister site, the charcuterie craftsman takes us behind the scenes for a taste of his wares.