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In the mood – for Lipton® Specialty Tea in new packaging

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Tea’s time is now! An increasing number of Canadian diners are voting with their cups and declaring tea their beverage of choice.

By Jane Auster

Canadians drink almost 9.7 billion cups of tea each year. That works out to 83 litres per person, 30 litres (120 cups) more than in 2006!1

Tea consumption is expected to jump 40 per cent by 2020, as growing consumer interest in health and wellness leads to increasing awareness of tea’s functional benefits.

Next to water, tea is the world’s most consumed beverage, outpacing even coffee. Here in Canada, the total tea market, according to Nielsen, was worth $423.8 million in 2012.2

Hot tea servings in Canadian foodservice were estimated at $415 millionin the most recent year (NPD). They represent a 4 per cent gain over the previous year and a steady 3.5 per cent gain over the last five years, making tea the fastest growing beverage.

In fact, hot tea ranks #5 on the most popular beverage category list in foodservice, just ahead of juice and behind tap water.3

Specialty tea is brewing sales!

Over the past year, specialty tea has fuelled growth of total tea in Canada, driven by black, green & herbal tea. Specialty tea sales were $130,471,125 in 2012, outpacing regular tea ($86,761,518) sales in dollar volume.3

New research is adding to tea’s popularity and mystique. According to MBA Studies, “Habits, Attitudes, & Needscope Study,” the number one driver of hot tea sales throughout the day is consumer mood. There is a clear correlation between the types of hot tea ordered and the way diners are feeling when they ask for their favourite brew.4

To help restaurant operators better understand the moods of their customers and increase tea sales at all times of day, Lipton® Specialty Tea has introduced new specialty tea packaging in foodservice to match teas with consumer moods.

Lipton®, Canada’s favourite specialty tea out-of-home5, will feature the same popular tea blends, but with new mood packaging that connects specific flavours to a corresponding consumer mood state. The new look features a refreshed design and informative on-pack claims.

The new Lipton® Specialty Tea packaging creates more exciting drinking occasions by offering tea that complements consumer moods throughout the day. Whether guests feel excited, bored, mellow or happy, the new packaging provides visual cues to determine which tea pairs best with consumer moods. This can help foodservice operators drive more tea drinking occasions during all dayparts by connecting with their guests.

Opportunities to serve a better cuppa

The new tea packaging comes at a time when foodservice operators are working to brew more tea sales. In a study for The Tea Association of Canada, The NPD Group found that there was opportunity for restaurants to better satisfy the needs of tea drinkers. The majority of the 2,698 Canadian tea drinkers surveyed for the study said they would be more likely to order tea if they knew the restaurant served consistently good tea.

To increase the likelihood of tea purchases, the report recommends that restaurants present complete tea offerings on menus, educate servers on offerings and encourage them to make recommendations to guests, and actively promote tea offerings with in-store displays and promotions. Restaurants can improve product offerings with a better selection of flavours, blends, brands, premium, and specialty teas.

The new Lipton® Specialty Tea packaging is sure to help operators understand the tastes and moods of their tea-drinking customers and offer them the perfect cuppa at the perfect time of day.

For further information on the packaging refresh, watch this Specialty Tea video and request a free sample.

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