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True collaboration: Nestlé Professional® offers creative solutions

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Nick Tomasic, Nestlé Professional Country Business Leader, describes the benefits for operators of working with Nestlé Professional and getting the most from partnering with the global business solutions company.

How do you define Nestlé Professional?

Nestlé Professional is a global foodservice leader, offering creative food and beverage solutions through a wide variety of products, recipes and market insights. We provide innovation for everything on the menu, from appetizers to desserts.

What impression should operators have of Nestlé Professional?

We want them to see us as a true partner where we collaborate and work together to help solve their challenges. We want their business to be successful and we are here for just that. We work together with operators, acting as consultants offering creative ideas to help with both their operations and their menus.

How do you partner with operators on menu enhancement, trends development, promotions, and healthier options?

We strive to meet the operator’s needs and be their business partner. Through collaborative and interactive ideation sessions, we create solutions to enhance menus that will cater to their patrons and drive traffic to their establishments. We want to help them become a better restaurant. That is what partnership is all about.

How can you help drive new revenue to operators?

By bringing them on-trend, profitable solutions supported by market insights, ensuring they are the right fit with the operator. We focus our attention on their menu gaps and then providing products and programs to fill those gaps. We are always working to develop innovative, on-trend solutions.

What services do you offer?

Trend and market insights, chef support services, product development, marketing, supply and demand teams and an experienced sales team.

Let me give you an example of these services in action: Nutrition Training ( called NutriPro) is our professional training resource that covers everything from healthier cooking to food safety, and equips the operator to position nutrition as a key element within their menu. We provide the operator balanced options, such as products reduced in fat and sodium developed to meet the needs of the health conscious consumer. Helping our customers serve healthier menus is the priority. We are committed to improving nutrition while staying faithful to flavour. We also know that it must meet people’s taste expectations first if it is going to work.

What about the chefs and operators of tomorrow?

We work closely with culinary colleges through sponsorship activities, including events where student chefs compete using our products.

Nestlé Professional has partnered with two of Canada’s highly-renowned culinary institutions – George Brown College Chef School and Humber College Canadian Centre for Culinary Arts & Science.

These partnerships enable students to expand their knowledge and skill through competitions, awards and in-class demonstrations provided by the team at Nestlé Professional. We focus on our MINOR’S® brand of bases and flavour concentrates as they allow students to best express their creativity and learn the fundamentals of building and adding flavours.

To encourage and reward student creativity and technical skill development, MINOR’S and George Brown College hosted their annual culinary competition for first- and second-year students on March 5, 2014.

The competition challenged students to develop a unique soup dish inspired by one of the MINOR’S varieties of premium bases and flavour concentrates. The first- and second-year students competed for a monetary prize that is applied to their tuition.

Nestlé Professional and Humber College will be implementing an exciting lineup of activities designed to elevate the learning experience of students. Included in these activities is the upcoming MINOR’S Student Culinary Competition. It aims to encourage students to engage in creative recipe development while honing their technical skills. Taking place in November 2014, the competition will invite students of all levels to create and prepare a food truck-inspired dish that includes MINOR’S.

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