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Give your customers the mayo they want! Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise launches in new table top format

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Since Hellmann’s® pure and creamy mayonnaise arrived in Canada nearly 60 years ago, it has captured the palates of diners as well as the imagination of chefs everywhere.
By Jane Auster

Now, with the launch in foodservice of a 265 mL size table top Squeeze Bottle, Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise is taking bold steps to move to the front of the house and onto tables where it will enjoy pride of place as Canadians’ condiment of choice.1

Your guests will now have the mayo they want, when they want it, where they want it, and in the size they want, and you will be able to offer the best guest experience.

Research has highlighted the importance of providing diners’ favourite brands at the front of house:

+ 38% of patrons in casual dining restaurants frequently request a side of mayo*

+ 64% probably won’t start their meal until their side of mayo is delivered*

+ 26% probably won’t return to a restaurant if they don’t receive their side of mayo*

*Source: NPD Mayonnaise Dispenser Concept Test, North America, December 2009

In addition, diners prefer the new 265 mL format to mayo served in ramekins since they can squeeze out exactly what they need for their sides, salads, burgers and mains.

For restaurant operators and chefs, the benefits are clear:


+ Guests never have to wait for their favourite condiment. Hellmann’s®, prepared under strict quality control and containing salt and acidic ingredients that keep mayonnaise safe without refrigeration, is perfect for the table top.

+ Hellmann’s® Squeeze Bottle Mayonnaise saves time for servers. They no longer need to spend unnecessary time in the kitchen portioning mayonnaise into ramekins.

+ Operators save money because of reduced waste. Replacement costs for ramekins can add up and most diners use only half the amount of mayonnaise spooned into ramekins. Hellmann’s® Squeeze Bottle Mayonnaise allows them to squeeze out just the right amount.

+ Strong new packaging adds brand pizzazz to your table tops. The new Hellmann’s® Squeeze Bottle Mayonnaise features a sleek design, and its packaging leads to easy brand recognition right at the table.

+ Two convenient formats address both front-of-house and back-of-house needs. In addition to the 265 mL table top format, Hellmann’s® offers a 750 mL size, ideal for catering and back-of-house applications.

Hellmann’s®, in its handy new format, will now be at diners’ fingertips right on the table top when they want it! Because what’s on the table is just as important as what’s in the dish.

With the New Hellmann’s® Table Top Squeeze bottle, you will be serving your guests the brand and the pack they most prefer2. Bring out the best for your guests. Find out what a difference a bottle on the table makes to your business at

1 Source: Technomic 2012 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report. Mayonnaise is the #1 condiment in restaurants because of its use in sandwiches; it is the #1 menued entrée item at lunch and dinner, and in burgers.  Mayonnaise makes 237 appearances in Technomic’s MenuMonitor database.

2 Source: Canadian NPD Hellmann’s Brand Study, September 2012