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What’s up with Canada’s full-service restaurants?

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Full-service restaurants are increasingly seeking to differentiate themselves by focusing on provenance.
by Euromonitor Intl.

There was notably a growing emphasis on locally-produced food at the end of the review period, with this being highly attractive to many consumers. The logical extension of this trend is meanwhile food produced in-house, with house-cured charcuterie and house-smoked food notably featuring on a growing number of menus.


  • Cara Operations is the leading player in full-service restaurants and continued to marginally gain share in 2015 over the previous year. This company benefits from offering a number of iconic and well-established brands, with Swiss Chalet in particular enjoying strong consumer awareness. Cara Operations benefited from launching an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange in April 2015, which created stronger funds for expansion, marketing and new product development.


  • Players in full-service restaurants will continue to focus on upgrading their ingredients during the forecast period, with a particular focus on healthy and ethical ingredients. Cara Operations has notably announced plans to switch fully to cage-free eggs across all of its outlets by the end of the forecast period. In April 2016, Vancouver chain Earls Kitchen + Bar meanwhile set a new standard by becoming the first full-service restaurant chain in North America to serve 100% Certified Humane Beef produced without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The chain sources this from Certified Humane ranches and abattoirs, where animals are treated with care and respect and pain and stress are minimised.