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Congratulations, Ian and Matchstick Coffee Roasters!

Ian Chagunda-2713

Ian Chagunda of Vancouver’s Matchstick Coffee Roasters has every reason to be proud.

by FoodBiz

He won the 2015 Canadian Latte Art Championship, held at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, after crafting the most artistic latte presentation in a talent pool that boasted such barista champs as Ben Put.

As Ian says on his site

“I come from a family of artists and scholars, a lineage of Malawian royalty. My father is a scientist. My brother is a musician and a business owner. My grandfather led the planning of the capital city of our young nation, and my grandmother was an educator. I fear I may never live up to the richness of my past, yet I know I come from gifts and greatness, and can only hope to pass them on to the lives yet to follow.”

His greatness was certainly on display at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show. We expect to see a lot more of Ian Chagunda!