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Brewing success one T disc at a time

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Watch the Tassimo Professional machine in action at Wayne Cowley’s Bottom Line Restaurant in Toronto.

By Jane Auster

Until recently, Wayne Cowley’s Bottom Line Restaurant & Bar featured specialty coffees made by a $10,000 espresso machine using freshly ground coffee. Trouble was, it took too long to create the coffees, and often staff would end up throwing out half and watching the profits pour down the drain. Also, the machine required specialized training to turn employees into baristas, and it had to be carefully maintained between brewings to ensure freshness.

Enter TASSIMO Professional machine with Gevalia T DISCs.

“The brewing job that used to take several minutes is complete in under 60 seconds, and the aroma of fresh coffee is enticing customers to drink more espresso, cappuccino and latte than ever before, even during the warmer months. Best of all, there is zero waste.

“The TASSIMO Pro has also opened up a new revenue stream for us: takeout coffee. Thousands of office workers stream through Toronto’s Financial District every day, and they need their java jolt. Until now, lunch customers were leaving The Bottom Line and grabbing their afternoon coffee at one of the nearby coffee shops. We are now able to compete with them.

“We are definitely increasing our profits. Cappuccinos, which sell for $3.75, cost less than $1 to make, and we can charge $2.50 for a flavoured coffee, which costs about 50 cents to make.

“The TASSIMO Pro and Gevalia coffees are not just aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to work with, too. The machine has a computer in it, which is very user-friendly. The barcode technology is amazing.

“Maintenance is hassle-free. TASSIMO Pro’s on-screen instructions let you know when it needs cleaning, and cleaning is a simple matter of inserting a special T DISC and descaler in a process that takes only a few minutes.

“With the addition of  TASSIMO Pro, we’re brewing much more than just beans.”