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Becel® spreads the word on using margarine in your kitchen


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As the proud founding sponsor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation™ The Heart Truth™, Becel® is dedicated to raising awareness of the risk of heart disease and stroke.

February is National Heart Health month, and it’s a great time to start using the Becel® Heart Healthy Awareness kit. By choosing Becel® and using these merchandising tools, you will show your patrons you care about their health.

Consumers are looking for ways to reduce fats and trans fats in their diets. Becel® margarine is an excellent trans fat free alternative to butter and is low in saturated fats. Canada’s Food recommends choosing soft margarines that are low in saturated and trans fats.

Diners like to know you’re looking out for them. And you can feel good about offering them a healthy alternative to butter. Not only is margarine a smart choice for your diners, it’s also a wonderful way to get inventive in your back-of-house.

FBz-Becel-Margarin-Pancake-02A healthy business choice

  • Soft margarines are easier to spread than butter, and make for consistently beautiful presentation.
  • Margarine can be easily made into your own signature spread—try pairing a cinnamon sugar spread with a plate of French toast.
  • Margarine is versatile enough to be used as a butter substitute in almost any application.

A healthy menu decision

  • Margarine contains less saturated fat than butter, and Becel® is trans-fat free.
  • Lowering their intake of saturated fats can help your customers maintain a healthy cholesterol level (Butter vs. Margarine: Which is Better for My Heart, Mayo Clinic, June 2012), which makes your operation a support system for their healthy lifestyle.
  • Margarine is a good source of healthy omega-3s (The Omega-3 Battle: Which Margarine is Healthier, Time Magazine, October 2009).

This month, be sure you’re helping your customers make smart choices. To learn how, please visit:

For merchandising material, please contact your Unilever Food Solutions representative or to order online, visit and click on Becel.