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Beauty and the beef. Quebec’s La Belle et La Boeuf chef whips up winning recipes to showcase flavour


At La Belle et La Boeuf, it’s truly about beauty and the beef. Chef Bobby elevates burgers to connoisseur status by using only the highest quality Certified Angus Beef.


By Julie Gedeon

Photography by David Simard

The perfectly seared burgers range from eight ounces to 2.5 pounds. They are served as more than two dozen options that include everything from onion marmalade to the really popular spicy mayo.

“Our burgers are always fresh – never frozen,” Chef Bobby emphasizes with pride. “Everything served in our restaurant has been prepared on the same day using only the best products.

Chef Bobby remembers opening the initial La Belle et La Boeuf restaurant in Laval, Quebec, three years ago like it was yesterday. “A lot of work goes into establishing a good menu and training everyone for a successful launch,” he says. “You don’t forget an opening day.”

Since the April 2012 opening, Chef Bobby has also launched the kitchens at two other locations – one in downtown Montreal and the other in Boisbriand. Two new restaurants are planned for later this year – in Anjou and Gatineau.

Usually Chef Bobby is headquartered at the Laval restaurant where recipes are tested, and the exact ingredients and measurements are established to ensure consistency at all the locations.

La Belle et Le Boeuf uses Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise as the base for the unique sauces prepared for 17 of the 26 burger options. “I started off with a few choices by adding my favourite seasonings and the range expanded from there,” Chef Bobby says. “A delicious sauce really changes a burger’s flavour.”

Selections include chipotle, honey and mustard, horseradish, cranberry, and the aïoli truffle combination that Chef Bobby concocted after drizzling truffle oil on a French fry.

“The spicy mayo is definitely the most popular with its slight hit of heat, but no, I’m not revealing the ingredients,” Chef Bobby says with a laugh.

He does share that he always starts with flavours that he personally finds appetizing and then experiments a little to determine a perfect blend.

The one thing that never changes is his use mayonnaise as the base. “I depend on Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise because it always has the same creamy texture,” he says. “When you have more than one restaurant with the same name, customers expect to enjoy the same food at every location.”

Making a mayonnaise from scratch isn’t feasible. “I would have to hire a person full-time just to do that,” Chef Bobby says. “We easily go through 1,500 pails a year.

“Even if I trained people at each location, I would have no guarantee they would make the mayo exactly the same,” he adds. “I know I’ll have the identical product with every tub of Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise .”

The consistency is popular with customers who frequently order the sauces as side dips. “A lot of people get a large basket of fries for a table and four or five sauces to go with it,” Chef Bobby says.

Chef Bobby likewise appreciates the consistency of Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise as the base for his Thousand Island dressing, as well as for the popular coleslaw.

“We actually started out using another brand when I noticed that our coleslaw was inconsistent – occasionally runny, and then clumpy at other times,” he says. “That’s when I tried other brands and chose Kraft. Kraft has never disappointed me in nearly three years.”


The Kraft advantage:

Flavour: “Of course, I like the way it tastes,” Chef Bobby says. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t even consider using it.  Mayo is so important to a good burger.”

Texture: “I like the creaminess,” Chef Bobby says. “It makes it easy to spread on a bun or to serve as a dip.”

Consistency: “Knowing that a new tub of Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise will be the same as the previous ones makes life a lot easier,” he states. “Consistency is actually my highest priority and Kraft delivers it.

Versatility: Chef Bobby is able to use Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise over nearly every day part and menu part.