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4 top tips to introduce a table-cleaning regimen

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Restaurants can get hectic, especially during peak service periods. Protect your guests and maintain a polished image by creating a front-of-house routine for cleaning tables and other food contact surfaces.

Here are some “clean” tips from Tork for turning your plan into action:

  • Select the right cleaning and sanitizing tools. Some establishments treat front-of-house surfaces by applying cleaning and sanitizing solutions, stored in designated buckets or spray bottles, to disposable towels. Others choose to use pretreated cleaning and sanitizing wipes. Pick the method that works for you.
  • Reduce cross-contamination threats. Designate particular tools, such as a bucket of sanitizer, specifically for food contact surfaces; that bucket should not also be utilized in the cleaning of the trash area, which is not considered a food contact surface. Clearly labeling your tools and using disposable towels or wipes can curtail germ spread.
  • Assign roles. During employee onboarding training, show employees your cleaning and sanitizing processes for front-of-house surfaces. Answer any questions they may have. Specify cleaning responsibilities for each staff role and your expectations regarding cleaning frequency. Food code requires establishments to clean and sanitize food contact surfaces after each use.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews and training. Ensure employees conduct these procedures correctly and consistently; implement ongoing training and demonstrations specific to cleaning and sanitizing.

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