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Ungava gin

Gin, once known as mother’s ruin, is more popular than ever

Gin is now the vessel of good times. With the resurgence of classic cocktails and the need to know from the general consumer, gin has made a comeback and is here to stay. Read more


All dressed up! Topped fries take over the menu

Fries are serving as a popular format for operators to flex their culinary creativity. Read more

InnatBay Fortune

How clean are your tables between guests?

Restaurants can get hectic, especially during peak service periods. Protect your guests and maintain a polished image by creating a front-of-house routine for cleaning tables and other food contact surfaces. Read more


Waste not, want not: food waste in Canada

Reducing and eliminating food waste is increasingly important to the foodservice industry, not only for its social and environmental benefits, but also economically. Read more
Gary Fearnall

3 top ways to seize opportunities to grow your restaurant

Timing is everything when you run a small restaurant. Knowing when to pursue growth opportunities is part science, and a bit of an art. Read more

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Chimichurri

Chicken is the big bird at Canada’s Limited Service Restaurants

As burger and pizza concepts continue to saturate the limited-service segment, chicken concepts are beginning to take off in Canada. Read more

Centre of the plate

Wake up your centre-plate with fresh options

While chicken still holds its status as the centre-of-plate star for both consumers and operators, demands are shifting. Read more


Canadian whisky rocks – it’s time to celebrate Canada’s finest

Prime Minister Trudeau’s bold “Canada is back” assertion may be debated for years. The same cannot be said for Canadian whisky, now back to its place in drinkers’ hearts. Read more

CloseUpBC_YFMSummer15_Brown (16)

Millennials want variety, boomers stick with what works

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. But not everyone places the same emphasis on changing their food and beverage choices all the time. Read more

Just in time for BBQ season! 3 sizzling tips from the grill king at The WORKS!

A chef who dubs his signature burger “Getting Piggy With It” must grill a real bellringer of a beef patty. Read more

The Lookout

Great expectations – Making the most of the operator-distributor relationship

By choosing distributors who offer exceptional customer service and then working closely with them, foodservice operators across the country are implementing ways to improve operations and enhance profitability. Read more

Sean Dooley sommelier

NEWS: Seamus Dooley from Fairmont Hotels to be Canada’s rep at 2016 La chaine des Rotisseurs International Jeunes Sommeliers competition

Seamus Dooley, sommelier at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, has been selected as Canada’s representative at the upcoming La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs International Jeunes Sommeliers Competition. Read more


Canadians are turning to restaurants for their snacks

Though Canadians snack frequently (averaging two snacks a day), consumption has remained relatively stable since 2014. Read more

Berries & Blue Salad

5 top tips to make your salads stand out

When Karen Williams thinks healthy menu choices, her mind naturally turns to salads. Read more