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MAGAZINE_THUMBS Solutions, brands and ideas for Canadian foodservice operators to better run their businesses. Read more

Congrats! Canada’s barista champ Ben Put places 3rd in the Worlds

Canadians have known about Ben Put's barista prowess for years as a multi-winner of the Canadian Barista Championship. But for the second year in a row, he also wowed an international crowd. Read more


Cafes and coffee shops in Canada

Competition remains fierce in specialist coffee shops in Canada, with this channel also facing strong competition from fast food, with players such as Tim Hortons having a strong focus on quality. Read more

007_Gray_YFM Summer 2015_Food Safety

4 key tips to make sure your food is safe

After years working as a nurse, Jan Dearing approaches food preparation and serving at her Southern Smoke BBQ & Grill with a focus on risk assessment and control. Read more


Alcoholic drinks in Canada

What's happening in the shifting world of alcoholic drinks in Canada? Read more

Fast food in Canada

The leading players in fast food focused on upgrading their offer in 2015. This was due to growing consumer demand for high-quality, healthy and ethical options and a growing interest in local provenance. Read more


Sipping on sweet summer beverages at Canadian chains

With summer upon us, operators are re-examining their beverage menus for innovation opportunities with seasonal limited-time offers. Read more


Consumer foodservice in Canada – how’s the eating scene changing?

Consumer foodservice saw current value growth in line with the review period CAGR in 2015, while transaction volume growth also remained good. Read more

Master blender Don Livermore

Canadian whisky rocks – it’s time to celebrate Canada’s finest

Prime Minister Trudeau’s bold “Canada is back” assertion may be debated for years. The same cannot be said for Canadian whisky, now back to its place in drinkers’ hearts. Read more

Gary Fearnall

3 top ways to seize opportunities to grow your restaurant

Timing is everything when you run a small restaurant. Knowing when to pursue growth opportunities is part science, and a bit of an art. Read more
006_Attie_Flavours Holiday 2013_Female Mixologists

Cocktails light enough for summer from cocktail queen Danielle Tatarin

I'm originally from Alberta. I started bartending when I was 18 and I fell in love with it. Read more

073_Gray_YFM Summer 2015_Takeout

Outpost Coffee Roasters is home of local, small batch, crafted coffee

When I started roasting coffee beans I had no idea it would become my passion and my livelihood. Read more


Still a food truck king! Tot Wheels turns potatoes into tater magic

When the opportunity to buy an old poutine truck came up four years ago, Winnipeg chef Darryl Crumb decided he didn't want to just spin his wheels serving up the same old potato-based street food. Read more


Salt Shaker Deli serves up comfort in Nova Scotia

Dawn Conrad is equally at home in the kitchen and in her community, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Read more


Just in time for BBQ season! 3 sizzling tips from the grill king at The WORKS!

A chef who dubs his signature burger “Getting Piggy With It” must grill a real bellringer of a beef patty. Read more